Divine Infusion    

Divine Infusion                                for Expansion of Soul Consciousness

The Alchemy of Transformation of Christed Light

is a gift of healing and acceleration.

Humanity is evolving into a new species during this Shift in Consciousness as we release habitual behavior that developed in lower consciousness.

Christ Energy transforms consciousness allowing the further infusion of Soul essence into our  physical body.

Benefits of Soul Healing with Divine Infusion

Increases the frequency of lower vibrations of the 3D physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies         

         ~ Dismantles and releases inflammation, pain, stressors, and energy blockages of the physical body

            ~ Examines the underlying roots of mental anxiety and worry by eliminating the templates of self-limiting beliefs of doubt and lack

          ~  Discovers the original source of fears, phobias, and lower vibrating emotions that keep you stuck in traumas and dramas of this life and past lives: dismantles them energetically

            ~ Raises your frequency so your Soul’s consciousness begins to function as higher  wisdom 

with certainty, clarity, focus; guiding you in higher purpose

Allows the insight and understanding of your role and higher purpose this life time, in service to yourself and in service to others.

Relaxes your physical self by removing stressors of the mental and emotional fields allowing calmness, self-respect and freedom from inner turmoil.

Eliminates old outdated templates and patterns that are no longer your truth nor serve your higher purpose.  Higher vibrating “blue prints” and Christed templates are infused supporting Soul’s growth and higher consciousness.

"Energy Healing is a Ascension pathway." AA Metatron