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Healthly Boundaries: Rose Method

Posted by Terri DeMarco on January 27, 2020 at 11:25 AM



One of the techniques I teach to all my Reiki students and to almost every client I work with is How to Put Up a Rose to Build Healthy Boundaries.  As people work on their healing and soul's growth, energetic boundaries become stronger; and eventually, conscious intent to protect themselves and putting up a rose is no longer necessary.  Strong, healthy energetic boundaries are created as we work on raising our vibration and dismantling what no longer serves us.   For you who are just waking up,  you who are experiencing expanded senses (empathic abilities) and/or  for you who are starting to work on their "stuff," the Rose Method is easy to use.  Putting up a rose provides you with numerous opportunities to protect, clear and raise your overall frequency for health, well-being and healthy boundaries.

What Does Putting Up a Rose Do?

1.  Protects their energy field from absorbing further "lower energies" they haven't worked on dismantling yet.

2.  Protects their energy field from energetic vamping from others.

3.  Clears their energy field of energies that are not their own

4.  Used to call back their own energy, neutralized ... enabling them to build their own energy field in wholeness.

What's Happening When You Put Up a Rose?'

Cyndi Dale teaches there are 12 layers to the human energy field.  The 11th layer is the Divine Feminine  layer and when stregthened, forms a necessary boundry for one's healthy energy field.  Using a pink rose further intends the activation of this pink Divine Feminine layer.  Without using a rose (and activating that 11th layer,) empath's often pick up other's energy  and/or  leak their own energy until they learn how to strengthen their own boundaries and  understand the ethics of not trespassing other's energetic boundaries.

Simple Technique, just takes a FEW  words to explain. :) 

Setting a Rose as Protection

Using your INTENTION and Creative Visualization...Close your eyes (in the beginning) and put up /visualize a pink rose, about 15 inches out in front you for protection. 

1.  See the rose,  OR imagine a rose...OR remember what a rose looks like and put it out in front of you.  Once you have it...

2.  Ask / Intend the rose to stregthen and protect your field.   Go about your day and forget about it.

3.  At the end of the day, perhaps as you go to bed, Explode your rose and put up a fresh one.  This can be done at any time during the day too.         Simply put up a rose, explode it, put up another rose.   

4.  See below How to Explode Your Rose**

Pretty simple?  Yes....and here's another way to use the rose. 

To Clear Your Energy Field    ...of unwanted frequencies, attachments, entities that don't belong to you.

1.  Put a pink rose up in front of you.  Some people have some "sight," and see the rose easily.  Other's are working on opening their 3rd eye               abilities, so imagination is the pathway to clairvoyance. Imagine the rose is pink if you don't see color.The rose might appear as a bud, or a             fully opened rose....let it be whatever you see.  In the beginning, I remembered the pink roses from my garden and saw it from memory.

2.  Now with your intention, silently command the rose to collect up enegies that are not your own.  Or  command it to clear out lower negative             energies that are your own, i.e. anger, fear, jelousy)  Watch the rose for about 10 - 20 seconds.  Some people will watch the rose change:  it           may open wider, change colors, grow dark and wilt.....and some roses will remain unchanged.   Trust and KNOW that the 11th layer of your             field is working as you intend. 


3.  Afters 15 or so seconds:  Command the rose to EXPLODE!  and watch the rose.  It looks like a firework exploding and the sparkles cascade           downward as they disappear.  The energy will return to the sender, neutralized and in Now time. 

Calling Back Your Energy

And what about calling back your own energy? We give away energy to other's all the time. As humans, we "react" to 3D experiences and often throw negative energy at others when we are angry, surprised (like a car cutting you off suddenly,) or as habital patterns of response we've learned and use every day. All of these actions depletes our energy and healing can't occur if we aren't whole or in balance. It's necessary to Call back our energy to establish strong, healthy boundaries.


1. Put a rose up in front of you. See, imagine or remember what a rose looks like.  Command the rose to collect your energy where you left it and      watch the rose for about 15 seconds.  Sometimes you can just  feel when it's "full" or done.   Sometimes you don't "see" anything change.  fJust      know and trust it IS happening.


2. Command the rose to explode. The energy will return to YOU neutralized and in Now time. I often place my attention on feeling anything return      to my field. Some people can feel it.

**How to Explode Your Rose 

Here's what is happening.  Using your intention, the rose explodes like fireworks do.  If you don't see it, imagine it!!  As the rose explodes the collected energy is neutralized by the 11th layer of your energy field, and returned to who it came from.  Thus it does NO harm to the original sender, even if it was sent to you as an angry thoughtform.  This returned energy only helps to bring wholeness to the originator.

Whenever I find myself  suddenly involved in conflict with someone in person or someone on the phone, I place a rose between myself and the other.  And I trust that I am protected.  I know I can clear out my field when I find a quiet time shortly after.  I often tell my students to put up a rose just as they grab a grocery cart and do their shopping with their rose up.  I hear of some pretty amazing stories when they try this.

The roses are abundant, you can't ever put up too many.  Enjoy playing with this when it doesn't count.  Activating your healthy boundaries in an instant will become automatic when you do require the protection or clearing. 

Many blessings of the Divine Feminine and enjoy your Rose!   Terri

Winter Solstice Christed Portal

Posted by Terri DeMarco on December 21, 2018 at 3:55 PM


The Ascension Codes that fill you this Solstice are awareness awakening, energies of expansion..... 

Blessings of the return of the Light, Terri

Christ Consciousness Portal, a Day of Magical Infusion~

The term “Christ” means a person whose conscious of their behavior and actions, and can give/receive love and compassion without wanting anything back in return.“Christ Consciousness” means, a person who embraces and demonstrates divinity. Divinity refers to the highest characteristics, personal qualities of the absolute divine. Therefore, a “Divine Person” means an individual that can demonstrate and project the attributes of unconditional love and compassion consciously through their thoughts, actions and behavior. Christ refers to the understanding and awareness of the divinity and your primary purpose as a spiritual being. When you have found your spiritual connection with the universe and with the Creator, this will manifest outwardly as unconditional love, joy and compassion. When an individual consciously demonstrates these divine attributes this is known as “Christ Consciousness.”

When we speak of the second coming of Christ, it means we will be returning back to the vibration of God Source, the frequency associated with the Absolute Divine; Christ Consciousness. When a person is willing to learn and apply the principles of divinity in their life, they have spiritually evolved. Divinity helps you outwardly perceive the love and compassion in others, you recognize that each person is a spiritual being and understand that each person are at different levels of spiritual growth. When you integrate divinity as an integral part of yourself and begin to externalize this Christ energy, the very nature of your reality changes. Christ energy only requires you to be open to a new way of living and your willingness to learn, integrate and practice divinity on Earth. The important thing to keep in mind on your ascension journey, is that you only need your conscious intent and a genuine desire towards wanting to experience a world that operates on unity, love and compassion, which will help you achieve Christ energy.

Christ Consciousness can include your ability to connect to your Higher Self, how you demonstrate the qualities of divinity and your ability to share your spiritual wisdom and knowledge to help others with their spiritual growth. A person who has activated the upper chakras, namely the heart, third eye, and the crown chakras has achieved “Christ Consciousness,” because that process shifts a person's frequency into the powerful heart-based qualities, which allows them to consciously demonstrate love, empathy, compassion, and the ability to connect and understand people from a deeper emotional and spiritual level. This person can also have the ability to telepathically communicate with the higher dimensional levels of consciousness within the cosmos, communicate with Guides and the Angelic Realm.

Source: AscensionEnergies.com

The 21.12 Golden Divine Gateway opens to the higher frequencies of the The Solar Cosmic Christ Light


Infinite Waves of Solstice Blessings

Let us celebrate the return of the light!

A very high in frequency energy is flooding the Earth and bringing Blessings and Magic!


I (your name) Invoke these 21.12 Solar Cosmic Christ Light key codes of light to pass through every

atoms, cells, electrons,

within this form of mine

Flowing through, filling and renewing

every cell of my mind and body right now, to fully enter and anchor into all parts of me - releasing my highest potential

Divine alchemy occurred new Light Codes are activated



~ Ulrikke Keeper of The Diamond Light Codes

Jumping Time Lines

Posted by Terri DeMarco on August 8, 2018 at 8:50 PM

Jumping Time Lines 

Have you ever had a life experience that Freaks you Out? One that definitely gets your attention? This was my experience during the full moon, elcipse season just recently. I was taking a shower in the morning in preparation of getting ready to head out to run errands. As I got out of the shower, I walked over the sink to put in my contacts and I glanced into the mirror. When I looked down at my contact case sitting on the counter, the case was open. Surprised, I picked up the case and brought it close to my eyes…and it was empty! Now horrified shocked surprise was the emotion that greeted me. I started to “look etherically” at my immediate past moments and had NO memory of picking up the case and opening it….and certainly NO memory of dumping my contacts down the drain!!!!!

I called for my husband who came up to help me. And he started talking to me slowly and calmly. I was close to freaking out as I almost shouted….”I can’t remember doing this!!” When I looked backwards, all I could find was a black space in my memory. He continued to quietly ask questions as we started taking the sink drain apart…and finally he said: If all the obvious actions has been excluded, then the strange ones must be true…or something like that. To which I had to finally accept in my struggle with reality that… I HAD DUMPED THEM DOWN THE DRAIN, with no conscious memory of doing it.

So then I considered  that I had done it…..and another round of disbelief occured with the question? Why would I dump $500 dollars worth of contacts (I have special ones :)) down the drain? And I can’t remember doing it???

Long story short….we Found them!! in the drain. All the while I am reviewing what happened and what I didn’t remember happening. I remembered a couple days before that I had had a flash of memory (or so I thought at the time) of one other episode that had happened 8 or so years earlier when I had accidently dumped my contacts down the drain while away on vacation. It was the motivational experience to carry a second pair of contacts with me when I travel. I am pretty blind without correction and glasses distort my vision and cause headaches. I recovered the contacts that time too. Was it a memory or pre-cognition a couple days prior to this experience?

A couple days later, I contacted my friend Shelley for help and after listening to my details of the experience, she pretty calmly said “this sounds like the experience of jumping time lines that many people are experiencing right now.” Holy Sh*t…others are having startling experiences that test their concept of reality?. And I quickly asked, “why would anybody in any time line or reality dump $500 contacts down a drain?” She helped calm me with the explanation that this experience showed me I am” in process on the ascension pathway, not stuck” and I left the conversation feeling like parts of the puzzle had fallen in place.

Sitting in contemplation last week…..Spirit showed me another analogy - from the Matrix movie, the scene where Neo is searching for the Time Keeper and they run through a door and find themselves in a long hall way of doors. Each door is another possibility in an endless hallway. The explanation continued that in jumping realities, I open A door and walked into the reality where I had lost my contacts down the drain…jumping time lines, jumping realities by going through a door way all in what felt like No time. This glimpse helped me move further into understanding and accepting. And finally,... everything happens for a reason… I look forward, calmly to see what is connected to this new time line.   Blessings,  Terri

MAP: Medical Assistance Program

Posted by Terri DeMarco on October 9, 2016 at 11:00 PM

I'm offering a class that i learned "in the beginning" (1990's) of my spiritual journey for self healing.  It opened me to the healing realm of the Nature Spirits, Elementals, the Over Lighting Devas and the Ascended Masters.  The Elementals are very much the engineers of the human creation process.  As it turns out, the Elementals are a co-creative partner with Humanity in the Ascension Process as i learned in Mastering Alchemy. 

The keystone of MAP is its coning. It is set up to assure perfect balance between the involution dynamic (nature) and the evolution dynamic (the White Brotherhood and you). The evolution dynamic supplies the purpose and definition to any thing or action. The involution dynamic (nature) supplies the matter, means, and action for achieving evolution's purpose and definition. The human soul is the force behind the evolution dynamic. Nature is the force behind involution. In health, the evolution dynamic comes from one's soul. It is from our soul that we receive the impulses that define our direction and purpose. It is the soul that gives the necessary data to nature for all that is physically required for a human to fully operate within a given lifetime. Nature then supplies us our body according to these soul-directed specifications. This also means that nature is the engineer of the human body and, like any good engineer, knows how it is supposed to work and how to fix it if it isn't working correctly. When you connect with your medical team, you will do it within a coning, a vortex of energy that includes nature intelligences, the medical team, and yourself. Within this coning vortex, nature is able to stabilize us on all levels with the Brotherhood.

Everyone can work with the program as no special gifts are necessary.  A method of communicating with their team is taught that is easy to use.  The workshop includes the first scanning session where individuals gather the members of their team and learn the code name of their own healing team.  

MAP can be used to sustain balance, well-being and health, as well as for crisis intervension with accidents, or for working on ongoing illness and health concerns.  It is used primarily for healing the physical self and can also be implemented for mental, emotional and spiritual applications.  Learning MAP provides you with a very valuable tool for self healing and well-being. Check it out!!


Terri DeMarco

Divine Infusion  www.soulenergyheals.com

Embrace the Momentum of Change

Posted by Terri DeMarco on September 3, 2016 at 8:15 PM

by Joan Walker     https://joanandjohnwalker.com/embrace-the-momentum-of-change/

We are the Collective Consciousness from the Realm of the Lords of Light. We are presenting this message in a triadic configuration of Lords Metatron, Michael, and Melchizedek. Our message is one that will assist you in these times when there is a great impetus to create from the influence of your soul/spirit evolutionary consciousness.


Many on Earth are feeling the energetic impulse to make a change in their life experience but cannot connect with the momentum to create such change. They are too occupied with maintaining a status quo. Listen to the energetic impulses that tell you to go within and expand your consciousness. Don’t continue to walk the path of resistance that is present when the old familiar paradigm of fear presents itself. Self-doubt also is part of this old paradigm. See self-doubt and fear clearly as thoughts that you can now change.


You are assisted by the energetic influence of an evolving consciousness that is based in a foundation of love and unity. This has been spoken of many times by messages from the Ascended Masters and Archangels. Take notice, beloveds. These messages are real. They are intended to help you alter your life experience in a physical body on Earth and live a physical life that is always harmoniously fine tuned to the essence of your soul/spirit’s wisdom.


We are here to remind you to be mindful what is energetically pulsed into your personal energetic field and into the Earth daily. You can use the highest potential of your soul’s wisdom if you will stay aware of your thoughts and feelings.


Do not think of these energetic impulses from a negative point of view. See them as an opportunity to create change in your personal life as well as assist the

Earth to shift more stably into a 5th dimension. Having a stable 5th-dimensional environment on Earth is an invaluable asset in your ascension process. Will you continue to think the same thoughts or will you be aware and change them immediately when you notice them as faulty?


When you embrace the 5th-dimensional creative energies that are now available, you relax into the energy of that fluid, unlimited possibility as you express yourself in life. Notice how there is no resistance in your body and how your mind is calm. You have created an environment that is conducive to creating consciously and precisely. Your thoughts can easily be directed, and you manifest easily because your thoughts are precise and directed through your intention and your attention. This can only be accomplished when there is no resistance.


Resistance is created when your mind is bombarded by skepticism, doubt and too many opposing thoughts that cause confusion. When you are in a state of confusion, you can only focus on the confusion or the fear. You cannot see the many options that you have for creating because your focus is already directed to your fear and confusion. There is no room for a shift in attention points because of the resistance that is present in the body and in the mind.


Implement the changes that you want to make by using energetic color codes that will help you maintain a calm environment. The green color code of love is very expansive and calming. It works with your emotional body as well as your mental body and helps you to alter your state of consciousness. The blue color code shifts your emotions and brings your emotional body into a harmonious functioning by raising your emotions to a more refined expression. Use a yellow color code to raise your mental body to a higher more stable frequency range. This helps you use thoughts that emanate from the wisdom of your soul/spirit. The yellow color codes propel you into states of Christ Consciousness. What an asset Christ Consciousness is in creating your life experience from this higher and more refined perspective.


Know that the energetic impulses that are coming from the Cosmic Realms contain many color codes in addition to light frequencies. The Magenta Color Code has been spoken of recently. It is a very powerful and expansive color code. It contains all color codes and helps you to focus your attention predominately on your transformation and ascension process.


This is what is available on Earth now. Why would you perceive it as too intense? Embrace what is so generously given from the Source of your being. Don’t fall into the old 3rd-dimnensional patterns because they are familiar. Say YES to what is energetically present. Relax into the influence of these energies. Realize that this is the step that your soul/spirit is encouraging you to take. Summon your courage and take it!




The Triad of Lords Metatron, Michael, and Melchizedek

Elemental Celebrations

Posted by Terri DeMarco on July 6, 2016 at 8:50 AM

I recently attended a Mastering Alchemy Conference in Washington DC.  We "worked" to bring the Christed Oversoul to the Elementals and dismantled some heavy energy in the area.  My friend Anne experienced energy work and miraculous healing to her knee.  She started the trip with a cane and used a  wheelchair in the airports... and came back, walking normally by my side. Amazing and so happy for her.

Anne and I had a wonderful experience with the elementals on our way home. Our last leg of our flight home was delayed, so it was dark when we took off for 1 hour flight to Sudbury. The Solstice full moon was brilliant and we got to bask in the light up in the air and watch the sunset last until 11pm to the west…..what an amazing sky from 23,000 ft up. There was lots of wind with the air elementals that night too.

We looked out of our window at what looked like "sheet lightening"  to the west of us as we flew home. The fire elementals put on a brilliant show as we watched.. The colors were red, orange, yellow, white and it kept flashing below us as we flew 250mph north. The flashes were happening within seconds of each other and Anne said it was like watching fireworks!

The most wondrous thing is the  elementals stayed abreast of us as we flew…..staying in the same position outside our plane window for half an hour. We were aware that we were the only ones watching as we accessed a "window/portal" to the Elemental realm, and  we gratefully thanked them for the beauty of the show. Since childhood, I've wanted to watch the fairies dance on Mid Summer's Eve, and this year…..a bucket list item was completed.  We are living in Blessed times!!

A Woman on Purpose

Posted by Terri DeMarco on March 18, 2016 at 11:30 AM

She is the alchemist,

Healing with the elixir of love.

She marries old and new, Science and Ancient Wisdom as

She knows that the secrets lie in the accumulation of knowledge that we have from nature,

From our elders, from the Shaman and the medicine women,

From the innate healing power of nature and the Infinite Possibilities that can emerge from listening to one another.

She is unafraid of the unknown as she realizes that it holds secrets.

She is unafraid of the past, as she understands the power of forgotten ways.

She heals conflict with compassion and war with conversation.

She holds the hands of the dying and imparts her calmness on a birthing mother.

She wipes the brow of a fever and cleans the wounds of the injured.

She listens to those troubled and soothes the aches of mankind.

She heals the children and the parents and the animals and the earth.

She does all this with her heart wide open and her intuition as her


Why does she do this?

Because she has heard the call

The call cannot be ignored

It is like a golden obligation

A duty that holds her in its grasp

Her job is filled with joy and love

There is no better way to live

She can heal others with her story

Those who see her and hear her call

You see this life we are leading

Can be quite simply beautiful

Honor bound

Duty led

Love in all of its glory

Oneness lives

The only way

Its clear when you heal purely

Her anger she has put aside to seek solutions new

Her judgment has been clarified, her ego falls she knows this

Humbly choosing how she heals, taking full responsibility

For how she lives and how she gives

Will form the new world surely

Patiently she analyses all the options given

To find solutions based on love and compassion driven

For the old ways cannot be used to form new paradigms

Observation is the key

The bigger picture heaven

How did she get her wisdom path?

How did she realize?

That all her woes, her strife, her pain

Were uniquely leading her to share

Her healing strength and courage

For one day she realized

That all she’d been through really

Were gifts of life, for her to lend

To others who would need her

To be herself, in honesty

In perfect imperfection

To stand up tall and share her all

With those need her healing

A healer comes in many forms

Giving solutions to the problems

That others may be facing now

A mentor who can guide you

She heals their hearts

She heals their minds

She heals their souls and spirit

She heals their doubts and their beliefs

She heals their money stories

She heals the young, she heals the sick

She heals those facing journeys

Unexpected or the end of destination

She heals the cracks that have formed

Throughout time that need her loving

There is a world that’s crying out for healers without borders

Holding hands around the world to share their knowledge, wisdom

Artists, writers, dancers all

Business leaders, creators

Nurses, doctors in every form

From practice in both spectrums

Some who take the ancient ways and give them modern value

Others who look the future too incorporate new answers

They all respect their unique paths and gather round in circle

Sharing all they know in tune to merge them in best practice

They have made a purpose choice to love their path with fury

Passion for their job to do was essential in their journey

So if you feel the time is right for you to join the team

Of leaders healing all that’s wrong, choose your way determined

For there has never been a time when you have had such choice

To leave your own past, history and create your own way forward

Heal in ways that only you are called to share your story

In medicines, in love, in food, in art, whate’er your glory

A Woman On Purpose is a Healer

© Alexandra Gold    http://awomanonpurpose.tv/



Dancing in the Celestial Realms

Posted by Terri DeMarco on September 23, 2015 at 10:05 AM

Dancing in the Celestial Realms                 


I am still in the process of transformation…ever evolving…ever Being in Unity with Source, with All That Is…with my dad. I'm infused with energy of sharing this gift of source and holy spirit…..come share this celebration with me.  May the Blessings of Love and Unity be yours.



I came home from Florida in April….having shared a first time, retired winter season with my dad and mom. I watched the cancer slowly take over as my dad suffered in pain, first from chemo and then from neuropathy and the open wounds on his feet, legs and torso. This growing pain triumphed over the cancer…and he became bed ridden, unable to move his lower body in July. I witnessed the bi weekly decline, with each trip down to Houghton Lake.  I heard the sufferening in his voice with the phone calls and I wondered when a call would come that told me I needed to Go Now.


Also in February…the Masters and Archangels called forth a conference to "be of Service to the Earth and humanity" and my heart and soul were called to attend. All summer, I wondered if this choice to attend the spiritual conference, and my father's possible transition, was my highest choice? I talked to him about it.  I wondered where my soul needed to be at that moment of his transition? I didn't understand that everything was perfectly timed and events were unfolding in a divine plan of soul agreement.

And with my focus and intent, i found myself traveling in a car with 2 other Christed souls, heading to a Minneapolis Conference during the beginning of eclipse season in September ...that my dad was preparing to transition.


September 11, 2015  A conference's purpose was to bring into Unity…the Elementals, Earth Mother, Archangelic and Ascended Masters Realms…and the Christed group of heart-centered souls as All One with Source. The Unity Consciousness Conference met for 3 days with all level 3 initiates/students of Mastering Alchemy program. The first day, we (285 of us) blended hearts and worked hard to raise our consciousness as a group and were Tired as we found our way into Christed Realms, finally breaking for the night. The call came at 9:30 p.m.…Dad is dying. They think he's had a stroke, the left side of his body isn't working….he's gasping for breath for the last 24 hours. My brother and family are there with mom.


I talked with my brother Scott, who called sobbing. He was so angry that his dad was suffering so, and was feeling so helpless that the death of a loved one was now here to experience again, through no choice of his own. "Tell Dad I am joining him energetically….I will be with him until he leaves….Tell him Scott…promise he hears this."   And I prepared for bed…to connect and work a distant, soul healing, last time connection with his essence in physical form.  My intent was to be with him so he wasn't alone (dad's fear) to help the soul to leave the body…with awareness and in ease and grace. About 1 a.m. I got up to use the bathroom and was still connected, allowing Christ energy, color codes…Holy Spirit…whatever dad "pulled" to be channeled into his energy field, clearing his chakras,. working on solar plexus, heart, and crown chakras and his mental field. I was only partially aware when his essence had transcended and I fell asleep before 2 a. m.


September 12, 6 am…Krissy, my daugther called and woke me up.  My mom had received the called from the Manor that dad passed around 2 a.m. My perception and experience told me that it was closer to 1:30 a.m.  He waited for the Eclipse to transition, as I was told he would. I am so grateful that my friend Cheryl was there to assist me then as I  moved through a gamut of emotions….thoughts…perceptions, ah ha's, tears.  She helped hold me together when i felt overwhelmed by what was transpiring, unfolding, and with me so far away as the timing of his leaving did not allow me to "get home quickly."  The conference group began our second day of meditation and worked with two new aspects of the Christed Matrix: indigo and magenta color codes.


During that second day there was transformation of the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual energy fields when holding awareness in Unity of Source.  This is when I connected the first time with Dad's eternal essence. During one meditation, suddenly, dad's face in death appeared with my gift of sight. I watched this face, so still in death…suddenly open his eyes… and he looked at me to which I sent: "Dad…you're free now!" The eyes turned old and expressed pain-filled exhaustion.  He was only remembering what was his last experience and his face quickly faded from "sight." The connection was brief…but I was grateful to be there as I promised I would be.  So grateful for this gift of connection, and grateful to be exactly where I was in service, to my dad and to the world and to myself. However, I was Not really understanding what was happening.


September 13, 2015  The last day of meditation found our grouo united in Christ consciousness… reflecting this Oneness of Source to the Elementals…those creator beings we work with to bring about Creator's Divine Plan. In the energy of Ease, Freedom, Accomplishment, we created the connection between humanity, the Elementals, Archangelic and ALL the Celestial Realms: unified in Oneness, Unity Consciousness of Source. The mission was successful and we were invited to "come celebrate" the changing of the world with the creation of a new path of highest energies of Love and Light for humanity… in the Celestial Realms.


Here is what transpired as I walked and danced in the Celestial Realms…in celebration of Love.


The Celestial Realms are very real and very familiar to my etheric sight, soul awareness and multi-dimensional travels. I saw thousands of Light Beings, laughing and talking, walking and dancing together in groups. I wandered amongst angels, masters, animals, devas, nature spirits, elmentals…greeting and recognizing each other as One soul. Happiness was expressed on our faces and in our souls as we remembered  each other's individual aspect of soul's essence, all so dear to our hearts.


I watched a long line of Light Beings clasp their arms together and began moving forward in a long line that circled inward.  At the center of the circle, the line of dancing Beings began rising up in the air in a spiral dancing, singing, bodies lifting upwards on the currents of air. It looked like so much fun!  We laughed and cheered and swayed with the music,  the frequency of Love... (I heard "Celebrate" by Three Dog Night :) lol).   Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music. 

When suddenly I became aware of a presence….turning my head, I immediately met the eyes of my father. He was presenting as the young man who at age 18 married my mom, and became  the joyous father when I arrived in this world.  He was full of life, love, promise and no suffering with no pain.


He walked forward to dance with me, silently communicating as he approached, and we joined in a mutual love of movement, dancing to the music. It was magical for I knew that he was watching the work we did that day….that he fully understood now what was my experience for the last 12 years.  All of his suspicions that i was involved in "the work of a cult" were gone.  He clearly understood the truth of the work with Holy Spirit and Christed Light in highest purpose. But the best thing I knew as we danced was that my dad's soul had woke up to the Christed Consciousness within  8 hours of his passing. He had "met Jesus" and "knew what it was like to be One with Source."  It's such a gift to know that "you take the Love with you," and that we meet in the celestial realms to continue our journey together. This is such a beautiful gift of the transition process…for me…for him, for All.


He spoke only one sentence out loud.  He sent: My sweet baby girl….and spoke: "I'm so Proud of You!" This one sharing of love,  honor and with gratitude  echoed in my mind's awareness as tears burst forth and I cried out loud with the exploding emotions, the expansion of my dad's Love "we" felt.  This emotional release quickly brought me back from the Celestial Ball and I opened my eyes to the awareness that everyone was coming out of meditation.  His voice echoed in my consciousness for a long time.  So Blessed.


So much Joy….so much Love…. such Soul expansion.  I witnessed the confirmation of soul choices, of a higher truth shared by 285 plus one... that we are never separate, and that we are eternally connected in Unity of Source consciousness. I experienced the eternal continuation of Soul family dancing in the Celestial Realms in Love, in celebration. Thanks Dad for all you taught me. Thanks Jim …and Joan….and Roxane... and All the Beings of Light. And thanks to those who gathered in Minneapolis…we are Love…we created in Soul Agreement. May we all be Blessed.


Shared by Terri DeMarco

September 23, 2015








Becoming Real.....a Love Story

Posted by Terri DeMarco on December 18, 2014 at 1:50 PM

Becoming Real….a Love Story


There are many stories in childhood that teach us that Love can heal and make us real, for example, a real live boy in "Pinocchio" and a real live bunny in the "Velveteen Rabbit," two of my favorites. They contain a teaching of how finding, awakening, being the love that expressed to them...changes them into what they were always meant to be.  Such are the learning of stuffed bunnies or wooden toys ....and human beings.  

I'm remembering the belief of "Love heals" that started in my childhood and has carried me though the years of raising a family.  Now, it's put into action with opening to spiritual awareness and changing consciousness. I recognize that I've been on the pathway of Soul Consciousness, becoming real, as I've studied in Mastering Alchemy online program with Ascended Masters, Archangels and Lords of Light.  I asked "to be given time to understand what is happening to me" and the last 8 years have unfolded in answer to this request. Some people call it enlightenment, or waking up, while others refer to the ascension process, and even I have called it the pathway of self-empowerment. I am following a soul healer's pathway of becoming real.  And love is the Way, the Truth, and the energy pathway (Light). 


The soul healing/awakening process includes discovering where you are "stuck".  Perhaps... within your thoughts where self limiting beliefs you've been taught by family, peer groups, school, church, culture  are based in blame, separation, worry and lack. Very closely related to negative thinking, stuck may be the lower energetic emotions we hold that support doubt, guilt, feed anxiety and keep people stuck in 3rd dimensional mass consciousness of fear.  Much of Soul healing is discovereing, dismantling, clearing, releasing these lower frequencies that stop us from "being"  who we truely are. We heal  by focusin our awareness,  thoughts and emotions  in higher frequencies, balance and resonance with our higher selves, our Soul's wisdom.


This lower vibrating human is not who we are; this is not who we've come here to Be this lifetime. And dismantling lower energies and moving into higher frequencies of self-love, self-trust and mutual care and respect for each other is about becoming real through the energy of love.


1. We are "real" when we recognize, accept and act from the reality that we are an individualized aspect of Soul-Spirit in a physical body. 

2. We "act" real when we hold our focused awareness in the present  NOW moment of harmony, and do not waiver when 3D surrounds us with drama and turmoil for our consideration.

3. Becoming real is the practice of self-love and self-respect when making choices, and then consciously creating the New Earth by following through with our actions, i.e. treating others as we treat ourselves. Being responsible for our "outcomes" in every moment is part of this.

4. We access and act from our Soul's wisdom as we move through experiences and share who we are energetically, resonating the Love of the All That Is as higher wisdom.

5. We become real when we raise our vibration to reflect physical well-being, mental  harmony, emotional balance reflected in congruent relationships, while accessing the frequency of undifferentiated Light of Soul-Spirit.


The planet Earth is moving into higher consciousness with the help of the Elementals and humanity,... for we are truly connected. We are lovingly transforming ourselves into radiant Lightbody and actively assisting with the evolution of the human species. We are Loving ourSELVES as real, soul-conscious beings, for the upliftment of all on the earth and all in this sector of the Universe. What a Love story …unfolding in this lifetime, becoming who we really are…Light, Love, Soul-Spirit in a physical body.


Wishing you all a wonderful Christed Holiday season….may 2015 be filled with love, laughter, well-being and harmony as we become further the Real Love that we are!

Blessings of Christed Light, Terri



Soul Consciousness ...Ever Evolving!

Posted by Terri DeMarco on September 24, 2011 at 12:50 AM

Happy Fall Equinox  and Blessings!

Over the summer, a friend commented that there were no new articles on my website. And I said yes, I didn't have new stuff to share.   Well, that got me considering... what has transpired since I created this web site?...a year coming up in Oct.  Whew!! a year...already?? wow...  And OF COURSE, much has changed in the last year.  Soul evolution never stops and with today being the fall equinox...what a great time to examine the growth and learning opportunities a year has brought.  Rapid forward movement began when I returned from a Spiritual weekend in Indiana last Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and created this website in two days...with no prior thoughts or inclinations to do so.  Just like that, i had a website!


I am a student of the Mastering Alchemy Level 3 Program with Jim Self, Roxane Burnet and Joan Walker who channels the ArchAngels and Ascended Masters.  Over the last 4 years, i  spent many hours learning and participating in creative meditation that has changed my reality; we are working in 5th, 6th and 7th dimensional consciousness,  currently bringing non-form into the physical body at the cellular level.  As a result of moving into a higher level of consciousness, last March I opened to two-way communication with AA Metatron and Isis, renewing a connection that I had experienced 9 years ago with Source when I first awakened but after "freaking out" had asked that it "stop" until I could "handle it". 


 Metatron is working with me to prepare a new class i will start offering in October called Creating the Energetics of Lightbody (or Soulbody).  It is a course that guides you through the co-creation of the Lightbody energetics of a new chakra system and unified field for expanding into higher dimensional counsciousness and  for energetically preparing the physical body for Ascension.  This new instruction from the ArchAngels and Masters of Light will assist others in building their energy bodies for full Soul integration and alignment with Divine Will.  It will be done in part by clearing and bringing balance to the mental/emotional bodies with the physical self, which can only help everyone as we move deeper into the Shift of Consciousness and step into our authentic power and Soul Self.  That's pretty cool, upon a year's reflection :).


During the summer months of accelerated change, I was guided to "update" the Seichim class that i teach as a Level 3 energy healing class.  Imagine my surprise to discover that Seichim is a modality of working with the Divine Feminine energies, otherwise known as Shakti, the Mother Goddess and Kundalini energy  to mention a few.  I taught the "new, revised and updated" course last weekend which  included teachings on Kundalini and expanded the sound healing component with the introduction of  sound templates to bring in different aspects of the God Head.  I also expanded the foundation of Creation and Soul development  for teaching Soul Healing with Christ Energy, which is a new, advanced class I also taught this year.  It felt really good to deliver the revised Seichim class with the new focus and the "guinea pig" students were enthusiastic and left feeling empowered.  A very fun weekend of learning, growing and expansion was shared by us all.


The new class, Soul Healing with Christ Consciousness Energy, Level One:  Working with Christ Energy, began last fall with a "guinea pig" class (I am so grateful for the Guinea Pig students who volunteer!!) and was taught to several groups starting in January 2011.  Teaching what Spirit taught me over the last 9 years required my conscious movement through a fear that held me back for quite a while (read as years).  Once it was dismantled, cleared and released, I moved into one of my passions, sharing the Christ Energy with others.  I have been "working out the kinks" in order to offer the second half,  Level Two:  Soul Healing and that is coming  next... after the Energetics of Lightbody class. 


I know that everything is Divinely timed and all timing is Divinely Perfect... and I also know that more and more people are waking up and asking for help.  It's my intent to be available in all ways as  Soul agreements present opportunities to walk in my passion, in service to others, to mySelf  and in service to Divine Source.  Yes, it's been an amazing year and I thank you for sharing this adventure with me.  I look forward to each blessed moment of expanding consciousness and Love in all the tomorrows.


Radiant Blessings of Freedom, Ease, Beauty,  Laugher and Love,