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Embrace the Momentum of Change

Posted by Terri DeMarco on September 3, 2016 at 8:15 PM

by Joan Walker     https://joanandjohnwalker.com/embrace-the-momentum-of-change/

We are the Collective Consciousness from the Realm of the Lords of Light. We are presenting this message in a triadic configuration of Lords Metatron, Michael, and Melchizedek. Our message is one that will assist you in these times when there is a great impetus to create from the influence of your soul/spirit evolutionary consciousness.


Many on Earth are feeling the energetic impulse to make a change in their life experience but cannot connect with the momentum to create such change. They are too occupied with maintaining a status quo. Listen to the energetic impulses that tell you to go within and expand your consciousness. Don’t continue to walk the path of resistance that is present when the old familiar paradigm of fear presents itself. Self-doubt also is part of this old paradigm. See self-doubt and fear clearly as thoughts that you can now change.


You are assisted by the energetic influence of an evolving consciousness that is based in a foundation of love and unity. This has been spoken of many times by messages from the Ascended Masters and Archangels. Take notice, beloveds. These messages are real. They are intended to help you alter your life experience in a physical body on Earth and live a physical life that is always harmoniously fine tuned to the essence of your soul/spirit’s wisdom.


We are here to remind you to be mindful what is energetically pulsed into your personal energetic field and into the Earth daily. You can use the highest potential of your soul’s wisdom if you will stay aware of your thoughts and feelings.


Do not think of these energetic impulses from a negative point of view. See them as an opportunity to create change in your personal life as well as assist the

Earth to shift more stably into a 5th dimension. Having a stable 5th-dimensional environment on Earth is an invaluable asset in your ascension process. Will you continue to think the same thoughts or will you be aware and change them immediately when you notice them as faulty?


When you embrace the 5th-dimensional creative energies that are now available, you relax into the energy of that fluid, unlimited possibility as you express yourself in life. Notice how there is no resistance in your body and how your mind is calm. You have created an environment that is conducive to creating consciously and precisely. Your thoughts can easily be directed, and you manifest easily because your thoughts are precise and directed through your intention and your attention. This can only be accomplished when there is no resistance.


Resistance is created when your mind is bombarded by skepticism, doubt and too many opposing thoughts that cause confusion. When you are in a state of confusion, you can only focus on the confusion or the fear. You cannot see the many options that you have for creating because your focus is already directed to your fear and confusion. There is no room for a shift in attention points because of the resistance that is present in the body and in the mind.


Implement the changes that you want to make by using energetic color codes that will help you maintain a calm environment. The green color code of love is very expansive and calming. It works with your emotional body as well as your mental body and helps you to alter your state of consciousness. The blue color code shifts your emotions and brings your emotional body into a harmonious functioning by raising your emotions to a more refined expression. Use a yellow color code to raise your mental body to a higher more stable frequency range. This helps you use thoughts that emanate from the wisdom of your soul/spirit. The yellow color codes propel you into states of Christ Consciousness. What an asset Christ Consciousness is in creating your life experience from this higher and more refined perspective.


Know that the energetic impulses that are coming from the Cosmic Realms contain many color codes in addition to light frequencies. The Magenta Color Code has been spoken of recently. It is a very powerful and expansive color code. It contains all color codes and helps you to focus your attention predominately on your transformation and ascension process.


This is what is available on Earth now. Why would you perceive it as too intense? Embrace what is so generously given from the Source of your being. Don’t fall into the old 3rd-dimnensional patterns because they are familiar. Say YES to what is energetically present. Relax into the influence of these energies. Realize that this is the step that your soul/spirit is encouraging you to take. Summon your courage and take it!




The Triad of Lords Metatron, Michael, and Melchizedek