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Healthly Boundaries: Rose Method

Posted by Terri DeMarco on January 27, 2020 at 11:25 AM



One of the techniques I teach to all my Reiki students and to almost every client I work with is How to Put Up a Rose to Build Healthy Boundaries.  As people work on their healing and soul's growth, energetic boundaries become stronger; and eventually, conscious intent to protect themselves and putting up a rose is no longer necessary.  Strong, healthy energetic boundaries are created as we work on raising our vibration and dismantling what no longer serves us.   For you who are just waking up,  you who are experiencing expanded senses (empathic abilities) and/or  for you who are starting to work on their "stuff," the Rose Method is easy to use.  Putting up a rose provides you with numerous opportunities to protect, clear and raise your overall frequency for health, well-being and healthy boundaries.

What Does Putting Up a Rose Do?

1.  Protects their energy field from absorbing further "lower energies" they haven't worked on dismantling yet.

2.  Protects their energy field from energetic vamping from others.

3.  Clears their energy field of energies that are not their own

4.  Used to call back their own energy, neutralized ... enabling them to build their own energy field in wholeness.

What's Happening When You Put Up a Rose?'

Cyndi Dale teaches there are 12 layers to the human energy field.  The 11th layer is the Divine Feminine  layer and when stregthened, forms a necessary boundry for one's healthy energy field.  Using a pink rose further intends the activation of this pink Divine Feminine layer.  Without using a rose (and activating that 11th layer,) empath's often pick up other's energy  and/or  leak their own energy until they learn how to strengthen their own boundaries and  understand the ethics of not trespassing other's energetic boundaries.

Simple Technique, just takes a FEW  words to explain. :) 

Setting a Rose as Protection

Using your INTENTION and Creative Visualization...Close your eyes (in the beginning) and put up /visualize a pink rose, about 15 inches out in front you for protection. 

1.  See the rose,  OR imagine a rose...OR remember what a rose looks like and put it out in front of you.  Once you have it...

2.  Ask / Intend the rose to stregthen and protect your field.   Go about your day and forget about it.

3.  At the end of the day, perhaps as you go to bed, Explode your rose and put up a fresh one.  This can be done at any time during the day too.         Simply put up a rose, explode it, put up another rose.   

4.  See below How to Explode Your Rose**

Pretty simple?  Yes....and here's another way to use the rose. 

To Clear Your Energy Field    ...of unwanted frequencies, attachments, entities that don't belong to you.

1.  Put a pink rose up in front of you.  Some people have some "sight," and see the rose easily.  Other's are working on opening their 3rd eye               abilities, so imagination is the pathway to clairvoyance. Imagine the rose is pink if you don't see color.The rose might appear as a bud, or a             fully opened rose....let it be whatever you see.  In the beginning, I remembered the pink roses from my garden and saw it from memory.

2.  Now with your intention, silently command the rose to collect up enegies that are not your own.  Or  command it to clear out lower negative             energies that are your own, i.e. anger, fear, jelousy)  Watch the rose for about 10 - 20 seconds.  Some people will watch the rose change:  it           may open wider, change colors, grow dark and wilt.....and some roses will remain unchanged.   Trust and KNOW that the 11th layer of your             field is working as you intend. 


3.  Afters 15 or so seconds:  Command the rose to EXPLODE!  and watch the rose.  It looks like a firework exploding and the sparkles cascade           downward as they disappear.  The energy will return to the sender, neutralized and in Now time. 

Calling Back Your Energy

And what about calling back your own energy? We give away energy to other's all the time. As humans, we "react" to 3D experiences and often throw negative energy at others when we are angry, surprised (like a car cutting you off suddenly,) or as habital patterns of response we've learned and use every day. All of these actions depletes our energy and healing can't occur if we aren't whole or in balance. It's necessary to Call back our energy to establish strong, healthy boundaries.


1. Put a rose up in front of you. See, imagine or remember what a rose looks like.  Command the rose to collect your energy where you left it and      watch the rose for about 15 seconds.  Sometimes you can just  feel when it's "full" or done.   Sometimes you don't "see" anything change.  fJust      know and trust it IS happening.


2. Command the rose to explode. The energy will return to YOU neutralized and in Now time. I often place my attention on feeling anything return      to my field. Some people can feel it.

**How to Explode Your Rose 

Here's what is happening.  Using your intention, the rose explodes like fireworks do.  If you don't see it, imagine it!!  As the rose explodes the collected energy is neutralized by the 11th layer of your energy field, and returned to who it came from.  Thus it does NO harm to the original sender, even if it was sent to you as an angry thoughtform.  This returned energy only helps to bring wholeness to the originator.

Whenever I find myself  suddenly involved in conflict with someone in person or someone on the phone, I place a rose between myself and the other.  And I trust that I am protected.  I know I can clear out my field when I find a quiet time shortly after.  I often tell my students to put up a rose just as they grab a grocery cart and do their shopping with their rose up.  I hear of some pretty amazing stories when they try this.

The roses are abundant, you can't ever put up too many.  Enjoy playing with this when it doesn't count.  Activating your healthy boundaries in an instant will become automatic when you do require the protection or clearing. 

Many blessings of the Divine Feminine and enjoy your Rose!   Terri

MAP: Medical Assistance Program

Posted by Terri DeMarco on October 9, 2016 at 11:00 PM

I'm offering a class that i learned "in the beginning" (1990's) of my spiritual journey for self healing.  It opened me to the healing realm of the Nature Spirits, Elementals, the Over Lighting Devas and the Ascended Masters.  The Elementals are very much the engineers of the human creation process.  As it turns out, the Elementals are a co-creative partner with Humanity in the Ascension Process as i learned in Mastering Alchemy. 

The keystone of MAP is its coning. It is set up to assure perfect balance between the involution dynamic (nature) and the evolution dynamic (the White Brotherhood and you). The evolution dynamic supplies the purpose and definition to any thing or action. The involution dynamic (nature) supplies the matter, means, and action for achieving evolution's purpose and definition. The human soul is the force behind the evolution dynamic. Nature is the force behind involution. In health, the evolution dynamic comes from one's soul. It is from our soul that we receive the impulses that define our direction and purpose. It is the soul that gives the necessary data to nature for all that is physically required for a human to fully operate within a given lifetime. Nature then supplies us our body according to these soul-directed specifications. This also means that nature is the engineer of the human body and, like any good engineer, knows how it is supposed to work and how to fix it if it isn't working correctly. When you connect with your medical team, you will do it within a coning, a vortex of energy that includes nature intelligences, the medical team, and yourself. Within this coning vortex, nature is able to stabilize us on all levels with the Brotherhood.

Everyone can work with the program as no special gifts are necessary.  A method of communicating with their team is taught that is easy to use.  The workshop includes the first scanning session where individuals gather the members of their team and learn the code name of their own healing team.  

MAP can be used to sustain balance, well-being and health, as well as for crisis intervension with accidents, or for working on ongoing illness and health concerns.  It is used primarily for healing the physical self and can also be implemented for mental, emotional and spiritual applications.  Learning MAP provides you with a very valuable tool for self healing and well-being. Check it out!!


Terri DeMarco

Divine Infusion  www.soulenergyheals.com

A Woman on Purpose

Posted by Terri DeMarco on March 18, 2016 at 11:30 AM

She is the alchemist,

Healing with the elixir of love.

She marries old and new, Science and Ancient Wisdom as

She knows that the secrets lie in the accumulation of knowledge that we have from nature,

From our elders, from the Shaman and the medicine women,

From the innate healing power of nature and the Infinite Possibilities that can emerge from listening to one another.

She is unafraid of the unknown as she realizes that it holds secrets.

She is unafraid of the past, as she understands the power of forgotten ways.

She heals conflict with compassion and war with conversation.

She holds the hands of the dying and imparts her calmness on a birthing mother.

She wipes the brow of a fever and cleans the wounds of the injured.

She listens to those troubled and soothes the aches of mankind.

She heals the children and the parents and the animals and the earth.

She does all this with her heart wide open and her intuition as her


Why does she do this?

Because she has heard the call

The call cannot be ignored

It is like a golden obligation

A duty that holds her in its grasp

Her job is filled with joy and love

There is no better way to live

She can heal others with her story

Those who see her and hear her call

You see this life we are leading

Can be quite simply beautiful

Honor bound

Duty led

Love in all of its glory

Oneness lives

The only way

Its clear when you heal purely

Her anger she has put aside to seek solutions new

Her judgment has been clarified, her ego falls she knows this

Humbly choosing how she heals, taking full responsibility

For how she lives and how she gives

Will form the new world surely

Patiently she analyses all the options given

To find solutions based on love and compassion driven

For the old ways cannot be used to form new paradigms

Observation is the key

The bigger picture heaven

How did she get her wisdom path?

How did she realize?

That all her woes, her strife, her pain

Were uniquely leading her to share

Her healing strength and courage

For one day she realized

That all she’d been through really

Were gifts of life, for her to lend

To others who would need her

To be herself, in honesty

In perfect imperfection

To stand up tall and share her all

With those need her healing

A healer comes in many forms

Giving solutions to the problems

That others may be facing now

A mentor who can guide you

She heals their hearts

She heals their minds

She heals their souls and spirit

She heals their doubts and their beliefs

She heals their money stories

She heals the young, she heals the sick

She heals those facing journeys

Unexpected or the end of destination

She heals the cracks that have formed

Throughout time that need her loving

There is a world that’s crying out for healers without borders

Holding hands around the world to share their knowledge, wisdom

Artists, writers, dancers all

Business leaders, creators

Nurses, doctors in every form

From practice in both spectrums

Some who take the ancient ways and give them modern value

Others who look the future too incorporate new answers

They all respect their unique paths and gather round in circle

Sharing all they know in tune to merge them in best practice

They have made a purpose choice to love their path with fury

Passion for their job to do was essential in their journey

So if you feel the time is right for you to join the team

Of leaders healing all that’s wrong, choose your way determined

For there has never been a time when you have had such choice

To leave your own past, history and create your own way forward

Heal in ways that only you are called to share your story

In medicines, in love, in food, in art, whate’er your glory

A Woman On Purpose is a Healer

© Alexandra Gold    http://awomanonpurpose.tv/