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Healthly Boundaries: Rose Method

Posted by Terri DeMarco on January 27, 2020 at 11:25 AM



One of the techniques I teach to all my Reiki students and to almost every client I work with is How to Put Up a Rose to Build Healthy Boundaries.  As people work on their healing and soul's growth, energetic boundaries become stronger; and eventually, conscious intent to protect themselves and putting up a rose is no longer necessary.  Strong, healthy energetic boundaries are created as we work on raising our vibration and dismantling what no longer serves us.   For you who are just waking up,  you who are experiencing expanded senses (empathic abilities) and/or  for you who are starting to work on their "stuff," the Rose Method is easy to use.  Putting up a rose provides you with numerous opportunities to protect, clear and raise your overall frequency for health, well-being and healthy boundaries.

What Does Putting Up a Rose Do?

1.  Protects their energy field from absorbing further "lower energies" they haven't worked on dismantling yet.

2.  Protects their energy field from energetic vamping from others.

3.  Clears their energy field of energies that are not their own

4.  Used to call back their own energy, neutralized ... enabling them to build their own energy field in wholeness.

What's Happening When You Put Up a Rose?'

Cyndi Dale teaches there are 12 layers to the human energy field.  The 11th layer is the Divine Feminine  layer and when stregthened, forms a necessary boundry for one's healthy energy field.  Using a pink rose further intends the activation of this pink Divine Feminine layer.  Without using a rose (and activating that 11th layer,) empath's often pick up other's energy  and/or  leak their own energy until they learn how to strengthen their own boundaries and  understand the ethics of not trespassing other's energetic boundaries.

Simple Technique, just takes a FEW  words to explain. :) 

Setting a Rose as Protection

Using your INTENTION and Creative Visualization...Close your eyes (in the beginning) and put up /visualize a pink rose, about 15 inches out in front you for protection. 

1.  See the rose,  OR imagine a rose...OR remember what a rose looks like and put it out in front of you.  Once you have it...

2.  Ask / Intend the rose to stregthen and protect your field.   Go about your day and forget about it.

3.  At the end of the day, perhaps as you go to bed, Explode your rose and put up a fresh one.  This can be done at any time during the day too.         Simply put up a rose, explode it, put up another rose.   

4.  See below How to Explode Your Rose**

Pretty simple?  Yes....and here's another way to use the rose. 

To Clear Your Energy Field    ...of unwanted frequencies, attachments, entities that don't belong to you.

1.  Put a pink rose up in front of you.  Some people have some "sight," and see the rose easily.  Other's are working on opening their 3rd eye               abilities, so imagination is the pathway to clairvoyance. Imagine the rose is pink if you don't see color.The rose might appear as a bud, or a             fully opened rose....let it be whatever you see.  In the beginning, I remembered the pink roses from my garden and saw it from memory.

2.  Now with your intention, silently command the rose to collect up enegies that are not your own.  Or  command it to clear out lower negative             energies that are your own, i.e. anger, fear, jelousy)  Watch the rose for about 10 - 20 seconds.  Some people will watch the rose change:  it           may open wider, change colors, grow dark and wilt.....and some roses will remain unchanged.   Trust and KNOW that the 11th layer of your             field is working as you intend. 


3.  Afters 15 or so seconds:  Command the rose to EXPLODE!  and watch the rose.  It looks like a firework exploding and the sparkles cascade           downward as they disappear.  The energy will return to the sender, neutralized and in Now time. 

Calling Back Your Energy

And what about calling back your own energy? We give away energy to other's all the time. As humans, we "react" to 3D experiences and often throw negative energy at others when we are angry, surprised (like a car cutting you off suddenly,) or as habital patterns of response we've learned and use every day. All of these actions depletes our energy and healing can't occur if we aren't whole or in balance. It's necessary to Call back our energy to establish strong, healthy boundaries.


1. Put a rose up in front of you. See, imagine or remember what a rose looks like.  Command the rose to collect your energy where you left it and      watch the rose for about 15 seconds.  Sometimes you can just  feel when it's "full" or done.   Sometimes you don't "see" anything change.  fJust      know and trust it IS happening.


2. Command the rose to explode. The energy will return to YOU neutralized and in Now time. I often place my attention on feeling anything return      to my field. Some people can feel it.

**How to Explode Your Rose 

Here's what is happening.  Using your intention, the rose explodes like fireworks do.  If you don't see it, imagine it!!  As the rose explodes the collected energy is neutralized by the 11th layer of your energy field, and returned to who it came from.  Thus it does NO harm to the original sender, even if it was sent to you as an angry thoughtform.  This returned energy only helps to bring wholeness to the originator.

Whenever I find myself  suddenly involved in conflict with someone in person or someone on the phone, I place a rose between myself and the other.  And I trust that I am protected.  I know I can clear out my field when I find a quiet time shortly after.  I often tell my students to put up a rose just as they grab a grocery cart and do their shopping with their rose up.  I hear of some pretty amazing stories when they try this.

The roses are abundant, you can't ever put up too many.  Enjoy playing with this when it doesn't count.  Activating your healthy boundaries in an instant will become automatic when you do require the protection or clearing. 

Many blessings of the Divine Feminine and enjoy your Rose!   Terri

The Energy of Change...a Beginning

Posted by Terri DeMarco on November 3, 2010 at 11:11 PM

This autobiography was written in 2004 when I was “first” waking up, experiencing the Christ Energy changes and  began remembering who I AM. This is a condensed story from the first version I wrote and i've further edited it for the website. In the beginning, (as always) Spirit definitely got my attention. Blessings, Terri


The Energy of Change

Once upon a lifetime, I set out to find my truth and I found Creator Source. For some reason, I did not realize that a spiritual path, mental/emotional healing, God and Truth were all so closely related. Oh, the wisdom one gains when least expected. This “story” is my spiritual awakening. It is Spirit’s answer to my choices.  I now trust that there is a higher purpose for the accelerated awakening I am going through. I share it with you, because I know others are experiencing  expanded realities upon ‘waking up’ too.


My awakening involves accepting the ‘gift’ of a man, Abdy Electriciteh, who is a source of Christ Consciousness energy – Divine Grace, Shakti, an energy of change. Abdy, through his presence, ‘triggers’ the flow of this energy, enveloping a person’s body, and allowing a spiritual connection where the mental mind is not in control. The first time I received the gift, he simply looked into my eyes, touching nothing, saying nothing. All the Sessions I have attended have been amazing ‘events’ in my life and giant steps forward on my spiritual path.


To Let Go


In May 2003, I voiced my intent to get unstuck from the emotional drama warring inside of me, and I ‘chose’ to complete my divine purpose, to let go and follow Divine Will. Since the 9/11, I had “chosen” to become totally drawn into a roller coaster, drama-charged relationship with my family - war and peace struggles that brought pain, grief and fear that affected my health, emotions and attitude toward life.  I reached a point where I decided that I must detach from the negative emotions of the sour relationships and choose to move forward and discover my purpose.


It was at this point that I received a call from a friend, inviting me to my first Session with Abdy. I had no idea what Abdy did, but I was already beginning to follow the "coincidences" that were now directing my life’s path. I started trusting my choices while intending to ‘stay in the flow’. Being in the flow, in my mind, was equal to getting unstuck. I did not realize that the Christ Consciousness energy was awakening the kundalini energy ... yet.


I now know that the Christ Spark was triggered during the first Session with Abdy. I felt Abdy walk up to my body and lightly touch my heart center. Waves of energy rushed up from that central point, vibrating through my body, opening and expanding my heart center and energy fields. When I got up off the floor, the change was immediately evident with my vision. I could not focus my eyes for over two hours which was a bit concerning because I was driving home, one and a half hours drive. Now, I recognize that when the Christ Energy is active within me, my vision is blurry.


After the first Sessions, I started having psychic experiences, where I observed the matrix or grids that we are connected to and surround us on Mother Earth. I started seeing energy rings or waves that encircle people and that represent relationships. I started understanding and ‘reading’ energy threads or pathways and energy waves. It was intense and change was rapid.


During a session, I was ‘shown’ the column of energy that ‘hit’ the Earth on 9/11 and the gigantic wave of earth and energy that emanated from the force of impact - like pebbles thrown into water, creating concentric circular energy waves that ripple outward. I understood that the 9/11 was in answer to many of our prayers - prayers to bring change for a higher good, altho greatly disquished.  And it is an interesting ‘coincidence’ that my two-year drama-charged journey with my family started that same day, on the 9/11.


The Choice to Heal

A week before I was to attend my third Abdy Session, I was sitting on my patio, enjoying a beautiful summer afternoon, when a voice spoke inside my mind “You have a ‘karmic wound’ in your energy field. It is stopping you from incorporating all of you, from becoming whole.” I sat there stunned and exclaimed, “What is a karmic wound?” Karmic wound - an injury in past life that perpetuates itself in your energy field, over many lifetimes until it is finally healed.


During my third Session with Abdy, I was lying on the floor of the Convent and a ‘column of energy’ poured into my solar plexus and heart. My hands lifted and were positioned over my chest gently holding the column of energy. I suddenly started whispering in another language. The healing ‘column of energy’ continued to pour down as the words were pouring out of my mouth, so fast, that my tongue was tripping over the sounds.

As the energy and words slowed down, I received more information in my mind. The ‘karmic wound’ occured in my last lifetime in Atlantis. The drama of the previous two years was a gift, an opportunity to remember and learn to heal this wound; and this new perspective filled me with wondrous love and the tears started to flow.

When I was asked afterwards about the language pouring out of me, I simply said I was speaking Atlantean. I refer to this language as Soul Language or Language of Light now and have found others who are helping me as I learn more about this unfolding gift.


Hosting Abdy in my hometown for the first time in Northern Ontario in September 2003  as fast approaching. Although I did not understand how much this would change my life, I was grateful to recognize that I was no longer “stuck”. I was beginning to realize I was on an accelerated path and something was happening inside me.


One has no control over what happens to the Self when receiving the gift – physically, mentally or emotionally, your Soul and Divine Will is directing the experience.   The mental/rational mind  surrenders to that highest power. As I lay on the floor filled with Christ Consciousness energy, I spoke soul language. My body trembled with waves of vibration and chakras contracted, released and aligned with the flow of Christ Energy. The spot on my forehead associated with the Third Eye started hurting and Abdy sat down on the floor next to me. He laid his hand on my forehead. My right hand was freezing cold and was shaking uncontrollably with energy. Involuntarily, my arm lifted up and I placed my right hand on top of his left, and then my awareness departed.


My conscious awareness left my body while I was lying on the floor. What happened, I don’t remember. But I do remember coming back to consciousness, realizing that my right hand was pressing down hard on his hand and my forehead, like a ton of bricks. I consciously removed my hand and then I felt confused and dazed. What had just happened?


I did not want to leave the session. I had a splitting headache, my eyes were blurry and I could not think. Now, I know that I was experiencing ‘typical’ symptoms of a kundalini energy awakening. It was going to get more intense as the evening progressed. (For symptoms see www.kundalini-gateway.org/ksigns.) Now, I understand that the Christ Energy can ignite the kundalini energy and the kundalini energy can ignite the Christ Spark. Then, I had no clue, nor was i prepared for a spiritual awakening -- no matter how many books i had read.


I began to experience many things people have written about when suddenly going through a spiritual awakening process. I did not know that my Third Eye was ‘blown wide open’ until later that evening.  My daughter, who had attended the Abdy Session with me, held my hand and talked with me as ‘what happened’ started to filter into my consciousness. My head was pounding and I couldn’t stop crying as full body waves of vibrating energy flowed through me.  God/Spirit was talking to me and the vastness of the void was a reality i couldn't get my mind around -- i had so much to comprehend.  Imagine, using the rational mind to understand Creator Source.  No wonder i thought i was going insane. :)


Later that night, EmmaLee supported me through a vulnerable state of feeling totally overwhelmed by the “mind blowing” experience and she helped me regain my sanity, anchor and balance so i could sleep. I felt as though I had come apart on every level of my being, and I did not know how to put myself back together again. As each day progressed, I experienced overwhelming panic and anxiety, i couldn't breathe.  I did not yet understand what was happening. But I was also aware of the protection and support of angels and those from the Spiritual Hierarchy, surrounding and thus guiding me through the discovery/awakening process.  And Spirit sent me human angels that gently taught me and guided me  as i now lived in a new reality.


My reality now included the truth that God, Higher Intelligence, Creator Source exists, and I was talking with Him/Her in two-way conversations. Over the next couple weeks, I questioned my life and definitely, I wanted more. I chose a life filled with joy, love, peace, trust and compassion. I questioned everything that existed in my old world. I was beginning to learn how to straddle both worlds. My body was vibrating continually. The language was spontaneously pouring out of my mouth—which gave me some concern as I was working full time as I moved through this accelerated change. The changes were evident to me on all levels of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies; and I wondered if anyone could tell. And then Spirit started teaching me.


The Bud Opens

Abdy was up again, just before the Harmonic Concordance in November 2003, when I realized God was not finished with me yet. I know I am only at the beginning, the ‘bud’ stage of a flower just opening – the beginning of being whole; however, the Christ energy was accelerating my path and enhancing my soul’s awakening. Abdy had told us to be very clear with our intent during the window from the 8th to the 23rd. It was on the 15th that I started to notice how the energy was affecting me.


That night, when I connected with the energy I found myself speaking with God, and in response to divine questions, I made several choices. I then experienced some amazing things. As I was speaking in Atlantean, Soul Language, I felt my awareness ‘step back’ from the cognitive process of consciously forming the language and I just observed. The pure language poured out of me for several minutes while I listened and “felt” the energy of the language/sounds.


Then as I sat on the couch, somehow, a wave of energy was triggered that rose up through my physical body and permeated every cell of my body. It felt like a ring of energy that rose up from my Base Chakra and out of my Crown Chakra. As it reached my shoulders, I felt heaviness literally tossed away from my body. I felt the emotional weight leave as it was thrown through my energy bodies. As this occurred, I spontaneously spoke out loud a blessing of transformation for the highest good. As the ring moved up through my head and away, the fogginess in my mind cleared. My shoulders physically relaxed, my whole body felt lighter, my mood was suddenly happier, and I was somehow different than I had been just prior to this event. Life was worth living again. I have never experienced such a total transformation in a mere 2 – 3 seconds before. I can no longer touch those warring emotions from the past – they are gone.  And this was just the beginning, so much more followed.


The energy spirals continue as new miracles are unfolding and I understand that we are never “done”. I am asked, how has my life changed? Well, I talk with God and I can hear Her answer. I am discovering the purpose of this lifetime. I continue to gather all that I AM while healing the mental/emotional blockages. I see possibilities of future paths, and access other dimensions, see other realities, and my intuition is awake and I am more aware each day. I make choices with Divine guidance. My healing gifts are evolving, and I am a funnel for Christ Energy, a sacred gift of awakening to share as humanity evolves.   And so, this was the beginning of changes that the Christ Energy in connection with my Soul, brought my way and ....


I believe that Love heals everything.

I live a life that will never be boring again!

Life flows with Love according to a Divine Plan.

I am remembering to Trust and to let go and let God.