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Jumping Time Lines

Posted by Terri DeMarco on August 8, 2018 at 8:50 PM

Jumping Time Lines 

Have you ever had a life experience that Freaks you Out? One that definitely gets your attention? This was my experience during the full moon, elcipse season just recently. I was taking a shower in the morning in preparation of getting ready to head out to run errands. As I got out of the shower, I walked over the sink to put in my contacts and I glanced into the mirror. When I looked down at my contact case sitting on the counter, the case was open. Surprised, I picked up the case and brought it close to my eyes…and it was empty! Now horrified shocked surprise was the emotion that greeted me. I started to “look etherically” at my immediate past moments and had NO memory of picking up the case and opening it….and certainly NO memory of dumping my contacts down the drain!!!!!

I called for my husband who came up to help me. And he started talking to me slowly and calmly. I was close to freaking out as I almost shouted….”I can’t remember doing this!!” When I looked backwards, all I could find was a black space in my memory. He continued to quietly ask questions as we started taking the sink drain apart…and finally he said: If all the obvious actions has been excluded, then the strange ones must be true…or something like that. To which I had to finally accept in my struggle with reality that… I HAD DUMPED THEM DOWN THE DRAIN, with no conscious memory of doing it.

So then I considered  that I had done it…..and another round of disbelief occured with the question? Why would I dump $500 dollars worth of contacts (I have special ones :)) down the drain? And I can’t remember doing it???

Long story short….we Found them!! in the drain. All the while I am reviewing what happened and what I didn’t remember happening. I remembered a couple days before that I had had a flash of memory (or so I thought at the time) of one other episode that had happened 8 or so years earlier when I had accidently dumped my contacts down the drain while away on vacation. It was the motivational experience to carry a second pair of contacts with me when I travel. I am pretty blind without correction and glasses distort my vision and cause headaches. I recovered the contacts that time too. Was it a memory or pre-cognition a couple days prior to this experience?

A couple days later, I contacted my friend Shelley for help and after listening to my details of the experience, she pretty calmly said “this sounds like the experience of jumping time lines that many people are experiencing right now.” Holy Sh*t…others are having startling experiences that test their concept of reality?. And I quickly asked, “why would anybody in any time line or reality dump $500 contacts down a drain?” She helped calm me with the explanation that this experience showed me I am” in process on the ascension pathway, not stuck” and I left the conversation feeling like parts of the puzzle had fallen in place.

Sitting in contemplation last week…..Spirit showed me another analogy - from the Matrix movie, the scene where Neo is searching for the Time Keeper and they run through a door and find themselves in a long hall way of doors. Each door is another possibility in an endless hallway. The explanation continued that in jumping realities, I open A door and walked into the reality where I had lost my contacts down the drain…jumping time lines, jumping realities by going through a door way all in what felt like No time. This glimpse helped me move further into understanding and accepting. And finally,... everything happens for a reason… I look forward, calmly to see what is connected to this new time line.   Blessings,  Terri

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