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Dancing in the Celestial Realms

Posted by Terri DeMarco on September 23, 2015 at 10:05 AM

Dancing in the Celestial Realms                 


I am still in the process of transformation…ever evolving…ever Being in Unity with Source, with All That Is…with my dad. I'm infused with energy of sharing this gift of source and holy spirit…..come share this celebration with me.  May the Blessings of Love and Unity be yours.



I came home from Florida in April….having shared a first time, retired winter season with my dad and mom. I watched the cancer slowly take over as my dad suffered in pain, first from chemo and then from neuropathy and the open wounds on his feet, legs and torso. This growing pain triumphed over the cancer…and he became bed ridden, unable to move his lower body in July. I witnessed the bi weekly decline, with each trip down to Houghton Lake.  I heard the sufferening in his voice with the phone calls and I wondered when a call would come that told me I needed to Go Now.


Also in February…the Masters and Archangels called forth a conference to "be of Service to the Earth and humanity" and my heart and soul were called to attend. All summer, I wondered if this choice to attend the spiritual conference, and my father's possible transition, was my highest choice? I talked to him about it.  I wondered where my soul needed to be at that moment of his transition? I didn't understand that everything was perfectly timed and events were unfolding in a divine plan of soul agreement.

And with my focus and intent, i found myself traveling in a car with 2 other Christed souls, heading to a Minneapolis Conference during the beginning of eclipse season in September ...that my dad was preparing to transition.


September 11, 2015  A conference's purpose was to bring into Unity…the Elementals, Earth Mother, Archangelic and Ascended Masters Realms…and the Christed group of heart-centered souls as All One with Source. The Unity Consciousness Conference met for 3 days with all level 3 initiates/students of Mastering Alchemy program. The first day, we (285 of us) blended hearts and worked hard to raise our consciousness as a group and were Tired as we found our way into Christed Realms, finally breaking for the night. The call came at 9:30 p.m.…Dad is dying. They think he's had a stroke, the left side of his body isn't working….he's gasping for breath for the last 24 hours. My brother and family are there with mom.


I talked with my brother Scott, who called sobbing. He was so angry that his dad was suffering so, and was feeling so helpless that the death of a loved one was now here to experience again, through no choice of his own. "Tell Dad I am joining him energetically….I will be with him until he leaves….Tell him Scott…promise he hears this."   And I prepared for bed…to connect and work a distant, soul healing, last time connection with his essence in physical form.  My intent was to be with him so he wasn't alone (dad's fear) to help the soul to leave the body…with awareness and in ease and grace. About 1 a.m. I got up to use the bathroom and was still connected, allowing Christ energy, color codes…Holy Spirit…whatever dad "pulled" to be channeled into his energy field, clearing his chakras,. working on solar plexus, heart, and crown chakras and his mental field. I was only partially aware when his essence had transcended and I fell asleep before 2 a. m.


September 12, 6 am…Krissy, my daugther called and woke me up.  My mom had received the called from the Manor that dad passed around 2 a.m. My perception and experience told me that it was closer to 1:30 a.m.  He waited for the Eclipse to transition, as I was told he would. I am so grateful that my friend Cheryl was there to assist me then as I  moved through a gamut of emotions….thoughts…perceptions, ah ha's, tears.  She helped hold me together when i felt overwhelmed by what was transpiring, unfolding, and with me so far away as the timing of his leaving did not allow me to "get home quickly."  The conference group began our second day of meditation and worked with two new aspects of the Christed Matrix: indigo and magenta color codes.


During that second day there was transformation of the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual energy fields when holding awareness in Unity of Source.  This is when I connected the first time with Dad's eternal essence. During one meditation, suddenly, dad's face in death appeared with my gift of sight. I watched this face, so still in death…suddenly open his eyes… and he looked at me to which I sent: "Dad…you're free now!" The eyes turned old and expressed pain-filled exhaustion.  He was only remembering what was his last experience and his face quickly faded from "sight." The connection was brief…but I was grateful to be there as I promised I would be.  So grateful for this gift of connection, and grateful to be exactly where I was in service, to my dad and to the world and to myself. However, I was Not really understanding what was happening.


September 13, 2015  The last day of meditation found our grouo united in Christ consciousness… reflecting this Oneness of Source to the Elementals…those creator beings we work with to bring about Creator's Divine Plan. In the energy of Ease, Freedom, Accomplishment, we created the connection between humanity, the Elementals, Archangelic and ALL the Celestial Realms: unified in Oneness, Unity Consciousness of Source. The mission was successful and we were invited to "come celebrate" the changing of the world with the creation of a new path of highest energies of Love and Light for humanity… in the Celestial Realms.


Here is what transpired as I walked and danced in the Celestial Realms…in celebration of Love.


The Celestial Realms are very real and very familiar to my etheric sight, soul awareness and multi-dimensional travels. I saw thousands of Light Beings, laughing and talking, walking and dancing together in groups. I wandered amongst angels, masters, animals, devas, nature spirits, elmentals…greeting and recognizing each other as One soul. Happiness was expressed on our faces and in our souls as we remembered  each other's individual aspect of soul's essence, all so dear to our hearts.


I watched a long line of Light Beings clasp their arms together and began moving forward in a long line that circled inward.  At the center of the circle, the line of dancing Beings began rising up in the air in a spiral dancing, singing, bodies lifting upwards on the currents of air. It looked like so much fun!  We laughed and cheered and swayed with the music,  the frequency of Love... (I heard "Celebrate" by Three Dog Night :) lol).   Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music. 

When suddenly I became aware of a presence….turning my head, I immediately met the eyes of my father. He was presenting as the young man who at age 18 married my mom, and became  the joyous father when I arrived in this world.  He was full of life, love, promise and no suffering with no pain.


He walked forward to dance with me, silently communicating as he approached, and we joined in a mutual love of movement, dancing to the music. It was magical for I knew that he was watching the work we did that day….that he fully understood now what was my experience for the last 12 years.  All of his suspicions that i was involved in "the work of a cult" were gone.  He clearly understood the truth of the work with Holy Spirit and Christed Light in highest purpose. But the best thing I knew as we danced was that my dad's soul had woke up to the Christed Consciousness within  8 hours of his passing. He had "met Jesus" and "knew what it was like to be One with Source."  It's such a gift to know that "you take the Love with you," and that we meet in the celestial realms to continue our journey together. This is such a beautiful gift of the transition process…for me…for him, for All.


He spoke only one sentence out loud.  He sent: My sweet baby girl….and spoke: "I'm so Proud of You!" This one sharing of love,  honor and with gratitude  echoed in my mind's awareness as tears burst forth and I cried out loud with the exploding emotions, the expansion of my dad's Love "we" felt.  This emotional release quickly brought me back from the Celestial Ball and I opened my eyes to the awareness that everyone was coming out of meditation.  His voice echoed in my consciousness for a long time.  So Blessed.


So much Joy….so much Love…. such Soul expansion.  I witnessed the confirmation of soul choices, of a higher truth shared by 285 plus one... that we are never separate, and that we are eternally connected in Unity of Source consciousness. I experienced the eternal continuation of Soul family dancing in the Celestial Realms in Love, in celebration. Thanks Dad for all you taught me. Thanks Jim …and Joan….and Roxane... and All the Beings of Light. And thanks to those who gathered in Minneapolis…we are Love…we created in Soul Agreement. May we all be Blessed.


Shared by Terri DeMarco

September 23, 2015








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