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The Christ Energy Choice

Posted by Terri DeMarco on October 26, 2010 at 5:10 PM

It all begins with an inner tickle of interest ...or curiosity and wondering, who am I? Is there more to life? How did the world get to this state? What’s life all about? Why do I keep attracting the same type person/situation/consequences?   And the search begins.


Christ Energy healing sessions are excellent “entry level” introductions to personal, spiritual healing and can lead to the unfoldment of the bigger picture: conscious awareness and the Ascension Process. This is where you discover that you are Spirit having a human experience. This is when “searching” brings you to the discovery that you are never alone, or separate from Creator Source and that there is a greater reality where we all exist and operate in, whether we are aware of it or still unconscious. When the Christ spark is triggered, spiritual gifts and abilities begin to unfold and you find yourself evolving into the multi-sensory human being that has been foretold—always, if you so choose. It’s quite a ride to say "Yes" to Spirit and Soul healing.... what a Blessing!  You begin to spiritually "grow up", becoming accountable and responsible when making counscious choices and experiencing life's flow from  your authentic self.


When people decide to attend a Christ Energy Session, they are following their soul’s prompting. Curiosity, intrigue, hopefulness, yearning for heart’s desire, sadness, frustration, defeat, feeling lost or stuck are all soul energy motivators that encourage people to look for answers, relief, healing and/or just finding something more joyful in life. Everyone receives the same Christ energy during a session but each individual under goes their own unique spiritual experience that is divinely timed by their Soul.


The Christ Consciousness energy acts as a bridge of consciousness (the Anthakarana) connecting the Higher Self with the lower self, the personality self with the Divine Self, the Soul; and change happens as humanity begins the journey of returning to the Heart of God, Absolute Beingness, Creator Source.  During a session, the Christ Energy may  trigger the Christ spark that resides in everyone’s  sacred heart center -- if that is your Soul's plan for this incarnation.  Ultimately, the Christ Energy moves individuals into the Ascension Process, the current evolutionary cycle of mankind, sometimes rapidly and other times at a leisurely pace. It all depends on the individual’s purpose this lifetime, your intent and conscious choice.


Sometimes before the Christ spark can be triggered, the Christ Energy will clear, balance, align, and heal blockages in the human energy field and chakras, thus, increasing the frequency and vibration held in the human energy field. This means, you can hold more Light while releasing denser energies that are not who you came here to be. The path to wholeness begins as people release attachments, clear energy blockages and negative energies, and give intent to move into their purpose and/or to work on their healing. This is when the self-healing work begins in earnest and the universe provides many opportunities for learning and  to remember who you are.


If the Christ spark has already been triggered in your sacred heart center during previous spiritual experiences, the Christ Consciousness energy continues to magnify, accelerate, speed up your path in the ascension plan and it continues to clear, dismantle, balance and align your smaller self to your Soul Self. The connection to the Higher Self is strengthened with each Divine download; and again, self-limiting beliefs and actions, negative thought patterns, and emotional blockages are brought into your awareness for healing, balancing and transforming. With this awareness from this higher perspective, you remember who you came here to be and what you came here to do,  You can make choices according to your heart's desire and with the wisdom of the Higher Mind. Once we are aligned with our Soul Self, the Christ Consciousness or Anthakarana Light connects the Soul to the Divine Source and we return to Source, to the Heart of God--if we so choose. We become multi-dimensional beings, all One with each other, mother Earth, the cosmos.


This is a “process”, this ascension experience. Everyone is going through it and everyone gets to choose. No two persons will have the same experience or the same purpose; however, each person's path  will unfold according to their soul’s plan and Divine timing.  And we are never, ever “done” while in the human condition. Everything is evolving in all universes, dimensions, and planes of existence. And our awareness expands in every now moment, with ever-increasing, upward spirals of soul’s choice.  As we step into our Mastery, we remember to use our “tools” when necessary, maintain our clarity and focus of intent for self-healing, and with compassion and selflessness we can offer assistance and guidance when asked.


 So everyone gets to choose how to play.  What will you choose?  What kind of world and Life do you want to create? 

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