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What is Soul Healing with Christ Consciousness Energy?

Posted by Terri DeMarco on January 7, 2011 at 2:55 PM

"There is something within us that yearns for love. This is embedded within the deepest recesses of consciousness. Nothing short of total union with the Divine Love will satisfy the deep inner desires of the soul, once it has tasted of this and been awakened to the light of Truth."

This is the journey into alignment in the Christ Consciousness. It is the sacred quest for love, understanding, compassion, forgiveness, empathy, mercy, kindness, tolerance, patience, and courage. It is discovering what Spirit wants for you – abundance, joy, happiness, and peace of mind. All of the difficulties of your life – anger, guilt, shame, obsessive/compulsive disorders, addictions, and other emotional toxins and mental mal-adjustments, even physical ailments can successfully be overcome by aligning with your Higher Self in the Christ Consciousness. 


The Soul is a divine aspect of Creator Source that is and maintains the individual essence of who you are as well as serves as the connection to unity consciousness of the OverSoul.  Without Soul healing, we don't obtain wholeness, achieve authentic power or move into enlightenment.


Soul healing with Christ energy facilitates the body-mind energy alignment to one’s divine nature; it facilitates the discovery of who we really came here to be while helping us connect to our own internal source of Spirit. The Christ Light bridges the lower self with the Higher Self, the ego self with the Soul self and conscious awareness expands. The density of the lower self, the mental/emotional blockages and shadow aspects are dismantled, released, cleared, transformed, and healed with the influx of Christ Light through our intention and attention.


Attachments are released, soul fragments are healed and integrated; stored trauma and drama, illness and dis-ease are released or transformed at the level of  DNA cellular  memory. Karmic wounds, old belief systems and emotional-thought forms are dismantled or re-structured, integrated and healed. Aligning the Soul with the lower self with Christ energy brings about healings, alignments, realizations, transformations, recapitulations and advancements as they are required by the individual’s soul’s choice. Without the soul’s wisdom and direction, these feats cannot be attained nor does complete healing take place.


Creator Source can gently repair the damage to the psyche, fix distorted thought patterns, and cleanse the emotional toxins that weigh upon the Soul. As the lower, dense energy of shadow aspects dissolve,  the Soul is more fully integrated in the heart. Life’s choices are made from the wisdom of the Higher Self and one begins to think from the Sacred Heart, not from the rational (figure it out) mind. We feel lighter, happier because we are vibrating at a higher, faster frequency of soul-sacred heart alignment.  We are literally,  holding more Light, the Christ Light. Fears, judgments, addictions, emotional, mental and physical pain are dismantled and released and life is better because we consciously choose to let go and change occurs.  Our awareness, attitudes,choices and perspective of life reflects the transformation of the change inside us. 


As we hold more Light, we choose to follow the Soul’s wisdom to grow, to take responsibility for our healing, to neutralize the shadow and ego  and to balance the energies of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Soul awakening and Soul healing are the focus and object of Christ energy healing sessions, as we align fully with our Divine self, becoming fully conscious, fully aware of our divine nature and One with Spirit.

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