Divine Infusion    

Divine Infusion                                for Expansion of Soul Consciousness

Christ Energy Facilitator - Level One

The Christ Energy Facilitator course is a two day introduction to the Christ Energy and how to facilitate it for the healing of mankind.  The Christ Energy is an aspect of the Godhead and is a bridging consciousness that aids mankind in connecting directly with their Soul Consciousness.

Students will receive a Christ Energy Activation; introduction to the Christ Energy and what it does; instructions on  how to work with individuals; how to do a group healing session; and how to work on yourselves.  Exercises for opening to Light Language are offered...and much more.

Completion of Usui Reiki j Level Two is a prerequisite.  Seichim Reiki Level Three is greatly encouraged as Christed Energy Facilitation is build on these foundation skill-building courses.

There are no guarantees that any person will open to this sacred gift, as this ability and awakening is determined by Soul contract and higher purpose. However, if you are curious, excited or in anyway drawn to these classes, your Soul may be guiding you to your next level of service.   This course is not taught anywhere else in the world. 

Interested?.... or any questions, please contact Terri.

(Approximately 15 hours)