Divine Infusion    

Divine Infusion                                for Expansion of Soul Consciousness

Christed Access Bars

Christed Access Bars

Intending to free yourself from Stress and Negativity?
Have your Christed Bars Ran!!

Access Consciousness Bars is a fairly "new" healing modality that allows people to experience freedom from mental and emotional stressors thus encouraging physical healing.   I notice immediately when Christ energy activates with people as I "run their Bars."  

After releasing outdated templates, an infusion of new templates of Christed Light occurs.  People get off the table feeling relaxed and "different"...more focused and calm, with the clarity of expanded templates and higher consciousness.  


Christed Bars Sessions run about 60 minutes and include a spiritual counseling session.  

The cost is $60. 

Please contact me to arrange your session in Sudbury ON. 

 terridemarco@gmail.com  or 705 522-2916

The possibilities are Unlimited!