Divine Infusion    

Divine Infusion                                for Expansion of Soul Consciousness

Divine Infusion ~~  Distant Healing Sessions

DISTANCE Divine Infusion Soul Sessions 

Energetic healing can be done from a distance through the gift of Etheric Sight and the connection of Christed Light for Soul-to-Soul communication.  We connect through a medium like  Facebook Messenger Audio or Google Connect  (gmail} or by phone.   As I am working energetically with you, we are talking with each other.  

The infusion of Christ Energy, the energetic work and the spiritual counseling are the same as a hands-on session but  received in the privacy of your own space.  Clients report amazing results, from all over the world.

 Divine Infusion sessions provide support to those focusing on their spiritual growth, mental and emotional wellness, and physical health.  If you feel guided to work on your “stuff”  with me, this is honoring a Soul Contract between us.

Let's set up a Distance Soul Session

1. Contact me by email terridemarco@gmail.com or 705 522-2916  to begin.

2. We will arrange for pre-payment by e-transfer or check in the mail

3. I will make arrangements to call you or connect by audio, for example Facebook Messanger or Google Talk. Plan on about 60 - 90 minutes in a private, quiet space where you can sit or lay down, relax undisturbed.

4.  Choose an "intent" statement, what do you want to work on?  ... I will help you with this.

5.  Relax and breathe. We will be talking during the session while I "read your etheric energy” and infuse Divine energies. You may feel the work being done



I look forward to working with you in Soul Contract....it is my pleasure to be of service.

Blessings of Healing Love....... Terri DeMarco


Divine Infusion Distance  Soul  Session - $60 (CAD)