Divine Infusion    

Divine Infusion                                for Expansion of Soul Consciousness


Divine Infusion of Soul Consciousness

What happens when you receive Christed/Divine energies during a Divine Infusion Soul Session?

 The Christ Consciousness Energy is a bridging consciousness that connects the lower, personality self with the higher, soul aspect of the Self. The flow of Holy Spirit and other Divine aspects of the Godhead are infused in preparation for healing and for creation of higher energetic templates of Soul consciousness. Old self-limiting belief systems, thought-forms, stressors, emotional habits, patterns of behavior (addictions), etc are dismantled, energetically cleared and released as higher vibrating templates are infused, increasing your vibrational frequency.


The individualized aspect of your Soul-self descends into your evolving energy bodies and is infused within the physicality.  The influx of Christ Energy and Holy Spirit awakens the spark of Christ Light in the Sacred Heart, then continues to clear, balance, heal the human energy systems. As
your energetic frequency increases, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of the human energy field align harmoniously bringing health, vitality, well-being and wholeness.  When the energy bodies are vibrating at a higher, balanced frequency, the Christed Matrix opens in the unified field for the flow of Soul Consciousness in form, resulting in the shift into higher  5th dimensional (Soul) consciousness, facilitating the evolution of All That Is. There is an expansion of the senses and spiritual gifts begin to unfold.   Humanity calls this Enlightenment...and it is just the beginning.
Consider hosting Divine Infusion GROUP Soul Sessions in your city or home.  This is a wonderful beginner's spiritual experience that is unique to each person as they connect with their Soul.  Many people have their "first" spiritual experience during the session. Others already “awake” might experience the opportunity to break through blockages getting unstuck, and enhance, magnify, accelerate their healing and Soul's growth on their spiritual journey. Receiving the Christed Light can provide catalytic experiences of expanding consciousness to those individuals who are consciously working on their Spiritual enlightenment.

INDIVIDUAL Divine Infusion Soul Sessions encourages each person to focus on specific health issues and to release mental/emotional blockages that keep you “stuck” and out of balance.  This session facilitates the self-healing and balance.  We work together to create your intention and then through soft hands-on, funnel energy beginning the Soul-to-Soul connection that unfolds. Clients can experience several ways to release what no longer serves them.  Clients have gained relief and improvement with various illnesses, stress, asthma, panic attacks, depression, fears and mental anxiety to mention a few. As one releases, dismantles and transforms lower thought-forms, self-limiting beliefs and habits, your energy bodies clear, balance and align in Love and Soul's wisdom for increased vitality, improved health and over all well-being

DISTANCE Divine Infusion Soul  Healing Sessions  Energetic healing can be done from a distance through the gift of Etheric Sight and the connection Soul-to-Soul communication through Christ Consciousness.  We connect through a medium like Skype or Facebook Messenger Audio or Google (gmail) Connect.  As I am scanning and working with you, we are communicating with each other.  The infusion of Christ Energy and the energetic work and the spiritual counseling is the same as a hands-on session but in your own space.  Clients provide a quiet, private place to sit or lay down during the healing session.  Clients report amazing results, from all over the world.