Divine Infusion    

Divine Infusion                                for Expansion of Soul Consciousness


  Divine Infusion of Soul Consciousness

What happens when you receive Christed/Divine energies during a 

Divine Infusion Soul Session?

  • The Christed Light or Christ Consciousness is a higher frequency of energy that heals the cellular DNA. This frequency bridges the consciousness of the lower, personality self with the higher Soul aspect of the Self.

  • The initial infusion of Holy Spirit/Divine Feminine prepares the physical body for healing and creates higher templates for Soul consciousness.
  • The Divine Infusion frequencies dismantle and clear self-limiting belief systems, thought-forms, stressors, blockages, lower emotions, and patterns of behavior like addictions.

  • Higher vibrating, Christed  templates and color codes are infused, increasing your vibration.

  • The influx of Christ Energy and Holy Spirit awakens the spark of Christ Light in the Sacred Heart, as it continues to clear, balance, heal the human energy fields. 

  • As your energetic frequency increases, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of the human energy field align harmoniously bringing health, vitality, well-being and wholeness. 

  • When the energy bodies are vibrating at a higher, balanced frequency, the Christed Matrix opens in the unified field for the flow of Soul Consciousness in form, resulting in the shift into higher  5th dimensional, Soul consciousness. 

There is an expansion of the senses and spiritual/psychic gifts begin to unfold.   Humanity calls this Enlightenment...

and it is just the beginning.