Divine Infusion    

Divine Infusion                                for Expansion of Soul Consciousness

Energy Healing Courses offered by Terri DeMarco 

Advanced Energy Healing Course (Pre-requisite Reiki One, Two, Three)

  1. Christ Energy Facilitator

Soul Healer Pathways  (Pre-requisite: Christ Energy Facilitator)

  1. Module One:  Spirit Releasement
  2. Module Two:  Retrieving Soul Fragments
  3. Module Three:  The Christed Matrix
  4. Etheric Scanning

Foundation of Energy Healing  (No previous training)

  1. Usui Reiki  Level One and Two
  2. Seichim Reiki, Level Three

3.  MAP:  Medical Assistance Programs
4.  Sound Healing w/ Tuning Forks

Advanced Energy Healing Courses

Christ Energy Facilitator - Level One

The Christ Energy Facilitator course is a two day introduction to the Christ Energy and how to facilitate it for the healing of mankind. As an aspect of the Godhead, it was created as a bridging force that aids mankind in connecting directly with Soul Consciousness.  Students will receive a Christ Energy Activation; introduction to the Christ Energy and what it does; instructions on  how to work with individuals; how to do a group healing session; and how to work on yourselves.  Exercises for opening to Light Language are offered...and much more.


Completion of Reiki Two is a prerequisite and Seichim Three is greatly encouraged as Divine Infusion Christed Energy Facilitation is build on these foundational skill building courses.  There are no guarantees that any person will open to this sacred gift, as this ability and awakening is determined by Soul contract and higher purpose.  However, if you are curious, excited or in anyway drawn to these classes, your Soul may be guiding you to your next level of service.   Any questions, please contact Terri.

(15 hours)

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Soul Healer Pathways

Please notice: Etheric Scanning (Sight) is required for
 Modules One and Two

Module One:  Spirit Releasement


An aspect of Soul healing is the ability to dismantle and clear energetic attachments that are not a part of your energy field.  Attachments are common as anyone can become attached, for example, if they are in a practice of giving away their power, or are caught up in judgment and worry.  Attachments interfere with your health, relationships, mental clarity, free will and divine purpose.

This one-day workshop teaches Christ Energy Facilitators how to clear your own and other’s energy field of negative emotion and thought-forms, energetic cords, low vibrating attachments and entities.   This process is done using etheric sight while funneling Christ Energy and allows clients to move further into their own authentic power.  The introduction of Soul Healing practices is provided. 

Open to Level One ~ Christ Energy Facilitators.

(6-8 hours)

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Module Two:  Retrieving Soul Fragments 

Another aspect of Soul Healing is using Christ Energy and Etheric Scanning to retrieving soul fragments. Everyone experiences trauma, shock and drama that can physically, mentally and emotionally cause a piece of the soul to fragment, thus leaving the energy field completely.   When the healed fragment is integrated back with the body and energy field, a person’s wholeness, health, integrity is achieved and higher Soul’s wisdom is maintained and applied to life’s experience.   

Techniques are given to assist the client  in the retrieval of a soul fragment and guidance given for the integration done by the client. This module is offered as a one-day workshop for students having completed Christ Energy Facilitator, Level One. 


(6-8 hours)

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Module Three:  The Christed Matrix

The Christed Matrix is an energetic frequency of the God Head and contains many applications in the form of templates for healing the physical body, for building wholeness and well-being of the mental/emotional fields.  This facilitates the descension of higher Soul Consciousness into the physical body.  An activation of the Christed Matrix is gifted to each student, based on their own Soul’s requirements.

Applications of Christed Matrix Components taught are:

  • God Particles of Soul
  • The Rays of Creation
  • The Five Christed Elements
  • The Color Codings
  • The Triads of the Unified Field
  • and more...  

Soul to Soul communication, etheric sight and hands-on funneling of Christ Energy are techniques used in this Soul healing course. However, sight is not a requirement when using this modaility.  Truly a Divinely guided energy healing course that is available for Energy Healers called to Soul Healing.  

(Approx 15 hours)

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Reiki Classes

Usui Reiki  ~  Level One and Two

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  Reiki is administered by "laying on hands" and can be sent from a distance. During the attunement, the Reiki or higher spiritually guided life-force makes adjustments to the student's chakras and energy pathways to “open” the ability to channel Reiki. The attunement forever links the student to the Reiki source.  These changes are unique for each person. 


You will learn the three main Reiki symbols that are used for self-healing, treating others and for sending Reiki over distance and time.  Students are taught two styles of Reiki treatment: the systematic approach and the intuitive systems. They meet their Reiki guides; and they receive solid instruction of the foundation of energy work with the human energy field.  This course is usually taught over two weekends, or as 5 classes, one night a week. Certificate awarded upon completion.


(15 to 18 hours)

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Seichim Reiki - Level Three

 The "living light" energy of ancient Egyptian Seichim (say-kem) dissolves barriers to your Higher Self, reduces stress, assists with healing, and opens and enhances the connection to your Angelic Guides, the Ascended Masters and Creator Source.


This is the first introduction to working with the Divine Feminine and working telepathically.  The newly revised class promotes the understanding of kundalini energy, working with the higher chakras as portals for higher consciousness, and introduces sound healing.  Seichim expands the individual’s capacity to carry more Light and Love, and anchors and grounds the essential life force within your energy system with a series of new Reiki symbols.


This system of healing is taught as a Level 3 Reiki Class but is a system of healing unto itself. It is offered to those practitioners who have completed their Level 2 Usui Reiki Certification. A Seichim-Reiki Healer Practitioner Certificate awarded for completion. 

 (Approx. 14 hrs)

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Workshops Also Available at Entry Level

MAP:  Medical Assistance Program

Learning MAP provides you with a very valuable tool for self healing.  MAP can be used to sustain balance, well-being and health, as well as for crisis intervention with accidents, or for working on ongoing illness and health concerns.  It is used primarily for healing the physical self and can also be implemented for mental, emotional and spiritual applications.   

When you connect with your medical team, you will do it within a coning, a vortex of energy that includes nature intelligence, the medical team, and yourself. Within this coning vortex, nature is able to stabilize us on all levels with the  Great White Brotherhood.  It opens you to the healing realm of the Nature Spirits, Elementals, the Over Lighting Devas and the Ascended Masters.

Everyone can work with the program as no special gifts are necessary.  A method of communicating with their team is taught that is easy to use.  The workshop includes the first scanning session where individuals gather the members of their team and learn the code name of their own healing team.

(3-4 hour afternoon workshop)

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Sound Healing with Tuning Forks  

The human body is a bio-electrical system that responds to various frequencies that is influenced by the state of health of the physical, emotional and spiritual body layers. Our entire nervous system vibrates to sound frequencies and will respond to any sound vibration. 

Tuning forks not only have the potential to positively affect the physical body, but they also have the capacity to re-pattern the subtle energetic layers of the human body by inviting a harmonic resonance with the specific frequency of a particular tuning fork.  Chakra clearing and balancing with tuning forks can bring excellent results when used at the beginning of an energy healing session. 

A client may experience….

  • Relaxation of tension and stress
  • Deeper meditation
  • Lowering of blood pressure
  • Relief of pain
  • Accelerated healing of wounds and fractures
  • Improved pre-and-post surgical outcomes
  • Enhanced mental acuity
  • Release of blocked emotions 

Your own set of Tuning Forks is included also with written materials describing the techniques. 

(9-10 hours)

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