Divine Infusion    

Divine Infusion                                for Expansion of Soul Consciousness

Reiki, Seichim, Christed Facilitator, Soul Healer

Foundation to Energy Healing

 No previous training required

  1. Usui Reiki  Level One and Two
  2. Seichim Reiki, Level Three

Advanced Energy Healing Course 
Pre-requisite  Usui Reiki One, Two, and Seichim Three

  1. Christ Energy Facilitator

Soul Healer Pathways  
Pre-requisite: Christ Energy Facilitator

  1. Module One:  Spirit Releasement
  2. Module Two:  Retrieving Soul Fragments
  3. Module Three:  The Christed Matrix
  4. Etheric Scanning

One Day Workshops

1.  MAP:  Medical Assistance Program

2.  Sound Healing with Tuning Forks