Divine Infusion    

Divine Infusion                                for Expansion of Soul Consciousness

Soul Healer Pathways

Attention:  Etheric Scanning or Psychic Sight is required for Modules One and Two

Module One:  Spirit Releasement

An aspect of Soul healing is the ability to dismantle and clear energetic attachments that are not a part of your energy field.  Attachments are common as anyone can become attached, for example, if they are in a practice of giving away their power, or are caught up in judgment and worry.    Attachments interfere with your health, relationships, mental clarity, free will and divine purpose.

This one-day workshop teaches Christ Energy Facilitators how to clear your own and other’s energy field of negative emotion and thought-forms, energetic cords, low vibrating attachments and entities.   This process is done using etheric sight while funneling Christ Energy and allows clients to move further into their own authentic power.  The introduction of Soul Healing practices is provided. 

Open to Level One ~ Christ Energy Facilitators.

(6-8 hours)

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Module Two:  Retrieving Soul Fragments

Another aspect of Soul Healing is using Christ Energy and Etheric Scanning to retrieving soul fragments. Everyone experiences trauma, shock and drama that can physically, mentally and emotionally cause a piece of the soul to fragment, thus leaving the energy field completely.   When the healed fragment is integrated back with the body and energy field, a person’s wholeness, health, integrity is achieved and higher Soul’s wisdom is gained and can be applied to life’s choices.   

Techniques are given to assist the client  in the retrieval of a soul fragment and guidance given for the integration done by the client. 

This module is offered as a one-day workshop for students having completed Christ Energy Facilitator, Level One. 

(6-8 hours)

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Module Three:  The Christed Matrix

The Christed Matrix is an energetic frequency of the God Head and contains many alchemical applications and templates for healing the physical body, for building energetic clarity and well-being of the mental/emotional fields.  This facilitates the descension of higher Soul Consciousness into the physical body.  An activation of the Christed Matrix is gifted to each student, based on their own Soul’s requirements.

Applications of Christed Matrix Components taught are:

  • God Particles of Soul
  • The Rays of Creation
  • The Five Christed Elements
  • The Color Codings
  • The Triads of the Unified Field
  • and more...  

Soul to Soul communication, etheric sight and hands-on funneling of Christ Energy are techniques used in this Soul healing course. However, sight is not a requirement when using this modality.  Truly a Divinely guided energy healing course that is available for Energy Healers called to Soul Healing.  

(Approx 15 hours)

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